Releev Review

One of the over-the-counter topical formulas available for treating blister is Releev. With all the topical medicines and internally taken drugs, one can easily be confused which would be the right medicine or drug that you should be using when you have a fever blister infection.

The good thing about Releev is its ability to control the pain within several minutes after a dosage. Just follow the recommended dosage that come with the whole package and it will surely set you free from the pain that cold sores bring. This anti-viral formulation is recommended when the first symptoms of the condition comes out. That way, the drug can start working so the infection will not spread to any other areas. Aside from cold sores, this anti-viral drug can also cure herpes genitalis and gingival stomatitis.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already approved this medicine as an over-the-counter drug with support from the FDA’s Antimicrobial Monograph System. And of all the medications and drugs that are available in the market at present, there is no other drug which can claim that it can offer a faster healing time than Releev can bring. Of all written publications, nobody can literally mention their drug to be able to work faster than this one. A lot of benefits can be obtained when you choose to use this drug than the others in the market.

It is available over-the-counter or online. After using Releev, you will feel its effect almost immediately, claims of pain relieve within 5 to 30 minutes after application and relieves symptoms and soothes an outbreaks within 24 hours, and it significantly speeds cold sore healing.

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