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Pasteurization and Yogurt

My question is: isn’t yogurt pasteurized as well? You can’t buy anything pure and natural anymore it seems. So, my conclusion is that the whey isn’t going to have any probiotic bacteria left in it either. So is it going to do any good to the cabbage? Are there any alternatives? I would just like your thoughts on this matter.

I promised to write in about the results with my first try of the kvass. I like it, it is an unusual taste and quite enjoyable. It was fun watching the movement within the mason jar. I intend to try the sauerkraut again next week & because I cannot weigh the cabbage down with the lid on tightly I intend to roll the bottle each day to be sure that the contents are covered with the whey. Thank you for all the useful information.

There seems to be a recent interest in consuming raw milk for health benefits. While pasteurization may destroy vitamin C and bio-active factors present in raw milk, it also destroys harmful bacteria such as listeria, e.coli, salmonella, campylobacter, and yersinia. These bacteria can cause severe illness and are highly dangerous for pregnant women. Raw milk advocates often downplay the importance of these infections as they do not seem to be much of a problem in our society. It should be noted that before pasteurization, infection with these pathogens as a result of drinking milk was relatively common. While there may be benefits to drinking raw milk, they do not outweigh the risks. Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.

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